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Testing and Documentation

FOS provides the expertise and equipment to test and document fiber optic systems by performing: Power Thru Testing, OTDR Testing, ORL Testing and PMD/CD Testing. We provide customers with data from both directions at any wavelengths (1310, 1490, 1550 & 1625 nm). We are able to supply testing documentation in “Native”, BellCore2, PDF or Excel formats and utilize OTDR’s with High Resolution Modules (256K data points) & optical power to 45dB. We provide system "As Built" red-lines in any standard format required. Access to network documentation is continually available to customers throughout the project in several electronic formats, including direct server access. Additional services include splice loss results on active spreadsheets, unique FTTx test sheets that unify Ports, Fibers, Subscribers & Optical Data into a single document, Bidirectional OTDR trace analysis, and emergency response mapping.

  • Pre-Placement and Post-Placement Testing to characterize fibers to 100GB
  • OTDR Testing via Anritsu, EXFO, and GN Nettest
  • End to End Insertion Loss and Attenuation
  • As Builds and Network Schematics on AutoCAD